Emotional Mastery For Success

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How To Use Emotional Mastery for Success?

Maybe, you sometimes feel stuck, stressed, confused or lacking energy?

Maybe you even struggle with knowing where you are going in life?

Maybe your doubts and fears stop you from taking advantage of opportunities?

Emotional Mastery training helps you to heal at a deep level so you can be even more loving, peaceful, empowered and productive. This will help you create a fulfilling and Successful Lifestyle and enjoy the journey of life.

Discover Your Inner Powers

Everyone has good days and bad days. If you have people who are relying on you, then often there is no time to recover after a challenging event. You need to be back on track as soon as possible. 
And you may have some success already in your business. The whole question is, how can you have emotional mastery so that you can go further

Find out how you too can really enjoy your Inner World, with more Resilience, Stamina, Fun, Joy, Spontaneity and the ability to get things done even more productively so that you can design your life and make it happen with Emotional Mastery.

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Ami Macallister

" I still hear her gentle voice and guidance ...She gave me confidence, she gave me knowledge to listen to my inherent wisdom..I would highly recommend the Inner-Fitness Program"


James Callaway

The course and your teachings have been extremely helpful for me. I feel like my life is suddenly on this great upward trajectory ever since our first session.

I now have a really convenient and simple way to get past so many things that have been blocking me for years. Like I tapped on [cleared] my fear of failure the other day, it was immediately noticeable how much it had been affecting me now that it isn't.

It's so much easier for my inner light to shine through now that I can clear these sorts of blockages.


Lisa Helyer

"Amazing !!! Thank you so much. The techniques and skills you shared with me have shown wonderful results already. I feel energised and HAPPY !!! Awesome. Bless you".



Hi, my name is Indira Hnatiuk and I am an Emotional Mastery Coach, with 2 decades of experience as a practitioner.

I am trained in 8 modalities including  Western Science and Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture and a range of Modern Psychology Techniques.

The Emotional Mastery for Success Program was developed to help you with the best, tried and tested strategies, so that you can create a great Lifestyle and enjoy true Happiness.

It is what I used personally to create the life I love. Also, I was able to reverse a severe and chronic illness to have great health and energy.

After helping thousands of clients and finding out what really works, I look forward to helping you in your journey to create your best life.

All The Tools You Need To Build Your Success

Find out how to dissolve issues from that past that keep being triggered so that they don't define your future. Once you know how to resolve them, you can stop managing yourself with wounds and come from a place of more Inner Power. A lot of people who use these methods say "I feel like myself again!"

What Can Emotional Mastery Do For You?

To create your Emotional Mastery for Success its good to know that you have an electromagnetic systems called meridians, that create and regulate your mind and emotions.

It is also part of your system that repairs and strengthens your body every day.

Looking after your meridians is as important as brushing your teeth if you want to maintain and create a successful and healthy lifestyle! 

These meridian systems have many benefits. They can help you to:

  • Calm your Stress Systems
  • Gain natural Motivation
  • Enjoy Better Sleep
  • Feel more Energised
  • Increase your Creativity
  • Turn down Over-Perfection to Flow
  • Make Decisions more easily
  • Think with more Clarity and Focus
  • Clear limitations from old patterns and past blockages and much much more...
  • Stop arguing with your brain
  • Create your best life

Discover how you too can really enjoy your Emotional Mastery for Success, with more:

  • Resilience
  • Stamina
  • Fun
  • Joy
  • Spontaneity and the ability to get things done so that you can design your life and create it
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